Celebrating our ALL NEW ROTATING SIFTER!!!

Celebrating our ALL NEW ROTATING SIFTER!!!

16th Apr 2014

$10 Foundation Sale

We are celebrating our brand new rotating sifter in all our full size foundations!

Get your favorite foundation for only $10 until midnight April 18, 2014.

Just click on the photo or go to the specially priced foundation page to get this

special deal...no code needed!

What sets our foundations apart from other brands you ask?

*Natural spf protection keeping skin young and clear
*Natural anti-inflammatory properties of our ingredients
*NO talc, NO parabens, NO bismuth, NO preservatives
*Infinite shelf life...it never goes "bad"
*Adjustable color
*Sweat and water resistant
*Allows your skin to breath
*A little goes a long way
*Excellent coverage
*More for your money
*Easy to use rotating sifter
This incredible offer ends midnight, Friday April 18, so get your orders in now..no limit!

There is no limit on this amazing offer, so stock up today before this great price disappears!