Makeup Tips

How To Apply Studio Mineral Makeup

Our minerals are super easy and quick to apply! You'll be naturally flawless in less than a minute!! Maybe 2! You'll also be getting spf protection every time you apply our foundations and concealers! Just remember DIP, TWIRL, TAP, APPLY. That's it! And since we do not use bismuth oxychloride (that is the shiny itchy stuff found in some brands) you do not have to "buff" the minerals on. Just apply and go!

Step 1: Apply moisturizer. Allow to absorb into the skin well before applying minerals.

Step 2: Apply color correctors. Color correctors are used as follows:
Green: Covers Redness from Sunburn, Acne and Rosacea. (Note: In addition to concealing redness, the use of Smoky Mountain Minerals Makeup soothes, heals and promotes healthy skin).
Yellow: Hides Undereye Circles, Dark Spots and Purple Blotches, Adds Warmer Tones when used with Cool Toned Foundations.
Blue: Corrects Orange Tones from Sunless Tanning Products. Also works well as a finishing powder. Neutralizes undereye circles for darker complexions. May also be used as a finishing powder for a fresh look or as an eyeshadow.
Apricot (New Color): Brightens Dull, Tired complexions. Also used to warm up Olive or Yellow complexions. May also be used as a finishing powder to brighten your complextion or as an eyeshadow or blush.
Pink: Helps Cover up Dark circles and Imperfections. Brightens Dull, Tired Complexions. May also be used as a beautiful blush or an eyeshadow.
Lavender: Gives Yellow and Sallow Complexions a Healthy Glow. Will brighten up Dull, Olive Tones. Corrects yellow bruising. May also be used as a finishing powder to brighten your complexion or as an eyeshadow or blush.

Foundation: Use what is on top of the sifter, or gently shake a little bit onto the lid or turn upside down. then right side up and use what is left inside the lid. VERY IMPORTANT! If turning the jar upside down, LEAVE THE LID ON! I know, sounds silly, but we have had emails.  Using a face brush, (we recommend a kabuki buffer brush or powder face brush).
DIP your applicator into minerals. (we recommend a kabuki brush or a large face brush).
TWIRL the brush containing minerals onto the lid until  minerals are absorbed into the brush. It doesn't take much! If you need more coverage, just apply in layers. Or you can use our concealers as foundations for extra coverage.
TAP  on the edge of the lid to remove excess minerals. You may want to start where you need the most coverage like down your nose, then cheeks, chein, then forehead, and around your face. The more you use our minerals, you will find what method works best for you. As you use your SMMBeauty minerals, you will create your own style.

**Please note! Since we do not use bismuth oxychloride in our minerals (that is the shiny, itchy stuff) there is no need for buffing like other brands. Just apply and go!

Concealer: For any area needing extra coverage, use our concealer brush or q-tip and apply a tiny amount on the area to be concealed. Using light strokes, as a little goes a very long way! Feather out. For extra coverage, our Concealer can also be used as your foundation.

Glow & Veil: A Veil is used last to finish your minerals. They give a flawless finish to your minerals. They can also be worn alone for days you don't want to wear makeup. Glows go on over everything for that beautiful youthful glow. Veils can also be used as primers. For all over face colors, follow foundation instructions or apply where just a little highlight is wanted. You will find what works best for you.

Blush: Apply as you would regular blush. Apply on the apples of your cheeks and brush towards your hairline. Just remember, a little goes a long way.
Bronzers: Apply lightly. Apply all over or wherever a touch of the sun is wanted.

Eye Color: Our eye colors can be applied dry or wet. Apply dry for gorgeous SMMBeauty color. For a more vibrant color, dampen your applicator, dip into eye color, then apply. Our eye colors can also be used as eye liner. Gorgeous!

Eye Liner: Apply wet or dry. Use a fine or slanted eye liner brush or a pointy q-tip applicator. Apply wet for more vivid color!

*Practice until you find the application technique that works best for you. There is no right or wrong way to apply our minerals.
*There is just one rule that you absolutely must follow: Have Fun!

If you are purchasing our smaller .5g size jars, it's just as easy to use. Just dip brush into minerals, swirl, tap, then apply as usual. Don't let the smaller jars intimidate you. I have used the same .5g jar of blush for 6 months!

ENJOY! You cannot make a mistake with Studio Mineral Makeup. Anyway you apply that works for you is the right way!