About Us

Studio Mineral Makeup ... Welcome to the world of natural, healthy, good for your skin makeup and skin care. We formulate our makeup and skin care in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. We are a family run business, started in 2003...

Our Mission:
Studio Mineral Makeup where nature and beauty come together. We feel that everyone should have access to healthy, safe, affordable makeup and skin care. We have based our business on beauty, health and natural goodness from nature. Nature has given us an abundance of ingredients which have worked for thousands of years. We take years of experience with a love of nature and combine the two resulting in the best makeup and skin care available.


Describing our Company:

Flawless! Sexy! Fun! Offering affordable natural and organic makeup and skincare lovingly formulated with only the best ingredients available. We pay close attention to detail with our ingredients. Only the absolute best goes into our products. Weightless foundation that conceals, heals, and gives natural sun protection. Concealers that conceal and still look natural. Blushes give natural looking color with long wearability. Skin care with natural and organic ingredients. Everything you need for a beautiful, flawless face. Studio Mineral Makeup... Keeping you beautiful, naturally.


Our Story:

Welcome to the world of natural, healthy, good for your skin makeup and skin care. We formulate our makeup and skin care in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. We are a family run business, started in 2003, when I wanted a choice of makeup that did not contain bismuth oxychloride. I loved the idea of mineral makeup, but the bismuth oxychloride made my skin itchy and red. My husband told me my face looked like a shiny new quarter when I wore the big name brand. Not the look I was going for. So, thus started my research and lots and LOTS of trial and error on making my own products. I began making cosmetics for my daughter and myself. When friends and family started telling us how good our skin looked, we knew we were onto something. Not ever thinking of a business or selling our products, someone said why don't you start selling on this new thing called ebay. I had no idea what an ebay was, or even selling anything on there. After months of coaxing we listed our first jar of makeup on ebay in early 2003. Our business was born. Our daughter came up with the name Smoky Mountain Minerals and we loved it! Our business has grown beyond our wildest expectations and it is because of our beautiful, wonderful clients, that we love. Last year, we decided that our name needed to fit the global makeup and skin care world that we were now in. That is when Studio Mineral Makeup was born. We have an international clientele that loves our products. So, from making products for my daughter and myself, to making products for clients world wide, here we are. We love coming into the Studio each and every day, helping women feel good about themselves and offering them healthy, safe products. We love our job!




More About Our Products:

Specially formulated by Studio Mineral Makeup to meet the highest standards of freshness and purity!

No fillers, no perfumes, no oils, no additives. Gluten free. Chemical free. Hormone free. Ingredients consist of serecite, titanium dioxide, iron oxides and znc.. (excluding Illusion Veil and Glow). In addition to the ingredients listed above, our Illusion Veil and Glow also contain zeamays, cosmetic grade cornstarch for slip.

Some of the benefits of our minerals:

We do not use Bismuth Oxycholoride in our products. This is the ingredient several national brands use that can cause itching and redness. And since we do not use bismuth oxychloride, you do not have to "buff" your minerals in like you would other brands. Just apply as you would a regular face powder. Superior coverage!

Our products are formulated without gluten, without chemicals, without hormones, without cheap fillers.

Our minerals give you a very natural look. They are weightless and glide on like silk while still giving excellent coverage.

Stays on all day and is water-resistant. Swim, perspire, watch a sad movie. Just blot wetness don't wipe.

Natural sun protection.

Virtually no allergy risk because minerals are inorganic and contain no moisture.

Studio Mineral Makep products are very versatile & never expire!

Works on everyone, in every climate. Even stays on in high humidity.
Quick & easy to apply. Takes only minutes for a gorgeous, flawless look! Mineral Makeup helps absorb the oil in your skin giving you a shine-free look without being drying! All the while helping heal and soothe minor imperfections. One shade will suit a wide variety of skin tones.

Minerals are very forgiving! Will NOT clog pores because they contain NO oils, fragrance, fillers, or synthetic colors. Talc-free, dye-free, preservative-free, chemical-free, fragrance-free. Ideal for those suffering with acne, roscea, scarring, and other skin ailments.

Recommended by dermatologists for post laser patients. SMM products are very affordable. Compare to more famous brands! We use many of the same ingredients as they do without adding the expensive pricetag.

Our minerals contain some or all of the following: serecite, micas, titanium dioxide, zinc oxides, kaolin clay, and/or iron oxides. All natural occurring minerals. Our veils may contain cosmetic grade cornstarch. We have 2 veils that do not.

You are getting the highest quality and freshest product possible! All jars are packed by loving hands. Because of this, some items may weigh differently than stated. Some minerals are heavier than others, causing a difference in weights. However, we always pack as closely to stated amounts as possible. You may receive more than amount stated.

Foundations: Our foundations are all natural with no oils, fragrance, or synthetic colors. Natural SPF 15 and higher! Healing as well as providing excellent coverage for any skin imperfection.

Blush & Colors Colors and blushes can be used for a variety of applications. Darker shades can be used as blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner & contouring. Add a little water to eyeshadows (or try our eye color fixative) for deeper color. Lighter shades can be used as all over face color, eyeliner, add to lip color or tap just a bit in the center of lips on top of lip color, highlighters (on face, shoulders, decollate) or concealer (but only if you wish. Our foundations can also be used as concealers!).

You are limited only by your imagination! Have Fun!!